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Family-Friendly Zipline Near Me: Fun for All Ages

Family-Friendly Zipline Near Me

Looking for an exciting, family-friendly adventure near you? Ziplining is a fantastic option that offers thrill and enjoyment for all ages.

 This article will help you find safe and enjoyable zipline adventures for families in North and South Island. It also provides information on nearby fun activities and safety tips.

What Makes a Zipline Adventure Fun for the Whole Family?

Ziplining offers an exhilarating rush for everyone, from children to seniors. Ziplining is not only about getting that adrenaline-fix. It also lets families have a memorable adventure together and enjoy the stunning views of forests and landscapes.

A family-friendly zipline experience combines adrenaline-pumping action with educational moments. The guides will educate your family about local wildlife and conservation efforts in between zooming down lines.

Plus, there are tandem ziplines available for younger kids to ensure safety without sacrificing fun.

Many adventures are designed for families, with activities that everyone can enjoy. These experiences create a fun and memorable day for all.

Zipline Adventures on the North Island

The North Island offers thrilling zipline adventures suitable for all. Some of these include the Rotorua Canopy Tour, Waiheke Island Zipline and Forest Walk, and Coromandel Zipline Tours.

Rotorua Canopy Tour

The Rotorua Canopy Tour is an exciting zipline adventure in a beautiful forest, perfect for families and full of fun. You’ll cruise down 1,200 metres of thrilling ziplines, including an intense 400-metre tandem line.

Safety gear is provided and expert guides are on hand to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

As you traverse sky-high platforms amidst stunning greenery, it won’t only be your pulse that gets racing. The canopy hides a multitude of New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna for you to discover.

Guides will teach you about the ecosystem on your tour, making your ziplining adventure exciting and educational. At the Rotorua Canopy Tour, they focus on wildlife conservation and preserving beautiful habitats. It’s not just about thrills, they are dedicated to protecting nature.

Waiheke Island Zipline and Forest Walk

The Waiheke Island Zipline and Forest Walk takes adventure seekers on an unforgettable journey through treetops. Located in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island, this thrilling zipline activity showcases the breathtaking natural beauty of Waiheke Island.

Participants zip line from canopy to canopy while soaking up panoramic aerial views. Trained guides prioritise safety even as adrenaline levels peak.

Beyond offering a wild ride, it also provides an immersive experience rich with wildlife, contributing positively towards conservation efforts.

Coromandel Zipline Tours

Coromandel Zipline Tours provide a truly unforgettable experience for families. You will fly through beautiful forest in Coromandel, exploring all it has to offer in an exciting way.

Tours teach about local conservation and wildlife. Learn interesting facts about the area’s plants and animals. Enjoy epic thrills and interesting education with your family.

This unique combination of excitement and environmental education sets Coromandel Zipline Tours apart from other adventure activities available on North Island.

Zipline Adventures on the South Island

Experience the thrill of ziplining amidst stunning landscapes in Queenstown, Christchurch, and Hokitika. Don’t miss out on these action-packed adventures! Read more to find the perfect family-friendly zipline experience on the South Island.

West Coast Tree Top Walk and Zipline

Hidden in Hokitika’s rainforest is an amazing aerial adventure called the West Coast Tree Top Walk and Zipline. This amazing place lets you see the beautiful nature of the region up close from a high viewpoint.

Imagine yourself soaring through the trees, ziplining over vast expanses, taking in breathtaking views of the dense forests and distant horizons. Following your ziplining experience, you can enjoy a serene forest walk, immersing yourself in the natural wonders of the rainforest.

With a dual zipline for ages 6 and over, and a treetop walkway for all ages, the West Coast Tree Top Walk and Zipline promises the perfect adventure for nature-loving families.

Ziptrek Eco Tours Queenstown

Nestled in New Zealand’s adventure playground, Ziptrek Eco Tours Queenstown offers an exhilarating ziplining experience. Suitable for adventurers as young as six years old, this attraction ensures great fun coupled with stunning views of Lake Wakatipu.

Kids under 30 kg ride a tandem zipline with a guide, safely strapped together for their flying adventure.

Ziptrek is more than just excitement. It also focuses on conservation and teaching visitors about the forests they zip through. The tour shows you three different ziplines with different lengths and heights, each offering amazing views of Queenstown’s landscapes.

Enjoy the Skyline Gondola ride at Ziptrek. It’s included in your ticket and a great way to start or finish your sky-high adventure!

Christchurch Adventure Park

Delve into the thrilling world of Christchurch Adventure Park, home to some of New Zealand’s most thrilling ziplines. Just a quick 15-minute journey from the heart of Christchurch takes you to this adventure haven.

It claims the record for both the highest and longest zipline in the entire country! Prepare yourself for an exciting experience as you zoom down ziplines at speeds exceeding 80 km/hr. One of the most thrilling rides is The Long Ride, a 1.1km zipline that guarantees an unforgettable adventure.

The park has more than just ziplining. It also has chairlift rides and mountain biking trails, including a special one for kids called Bridging the Gap.

Kawarau Bridge Zipride Experience

The Kawarau Bridge Zipride Experience in New Zealand’s South Island presents an exhilarating and family-friendly adventure for all ages. Surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, riders soar over the iconic Kawarau River, taking in panoramic views of the Gibbston Valley.

This zipline is a popular and exciting activity in Queenstown, enjoyed by both locals and tourists. Safety gear provided ensures worry-free fun while the professional guides promise a smooth experience from start to finish.

The Best Family-Friendly Ziplines

The Rotorua Canopy Tour is one of the best family-friendly ziplines, offering thrilling features and stunning native forest views.

Features & Description (Rotorua Canopy Tour)

The Rotorua Canopy Tour stands as a top choice for family-friendly zipline experiences. Enthralling and safe, the tour promises six different ziplines with lengths varying from 80 to 220 metres.

This brings both diversity and excitement, allowing families to navigate through beautiful forests on an aerial journey.

One of its distinctive aspects is its two swing bridges, adding an adventurous edge to the experience. For kids aged six and up, the tour is safe with trained guides and a good security system.

Its focus on creating unforgettable memories whilst maintaining secure practices makes it ideal for all age groups seeking thrill and adventure.

West Coast Tree Top Walk and Zipline

The West Coast Tree Top Walkway and Zipline provides an incredible journey through Hokitika’s vibrant native rainforests. It is an excellent option for families seeking the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation.

Features & Description (West Coast Tree Top Walk and Zipline)

An amazing experience awaits adventure-loving families at West Coast Tree Top Walk and Zipline. There are things to do for everyone, like a tranquil walk in the rainforest or an exciting zipline above the trees.

The West Coast Tree Top Walk and Zipline is a must-do for everyone from 6 to 106 years of age. An experienced guide will take adventurers along the tree-top structure, enjoying and learning about the unique surrounding Rimu rainforest.

Family members can enjoy the tandem zipline together, flying through the Rimu tree-tops at speeds in excess of 60km/hour.

The café offers the perfect spot for families to relax together and grab a bite to eat after their treetop adventure.

Waiheke Island Zipline and Forest Walk

The Waiheke Island Zipline and Forest Walk offers a thrilling adventure through the lush native forests of New Zealand.

Features & Description (Waiheke Island Zipline and Forest Walk)

The Waiheke Island Zipline and Forest Walk is an exciting adventure with amazing views of the island’s nature. This family-friendly activity combines the thrill of ziplining with the opportunity to explore the island’s native flora and fauna on a forest walk.

With five ziplines ranging in length from 200 to 220 metres, zipliners can soar through the treetops and experience an adrenaline rush like no other. The Waiheke Island Zipline and Forest Walk is a fantastic activity suitable for all. It offers both adventure and the opportunity to admire nature.

Ziptrek Eco Tours Queenstown

Ziptrek Eco Tours in Queenstown offers exciting zipline tours in beautiful forests, with amazing views and eco-friendly fun for everyone.

Features & Description (Ziptrek Eco Tours Queenstown)

Ziptrek Eco Tours in Queenstown is an adventure lover’s dream come true. With three different zipline tours to choose from, there is something for everyone in the family. The Kea tour takes you on a thrilling ride down the world’s steepest tree-to-tree zipline.

If you’re looking for even more excitement, the Kereru tour includes two ziplines and a heart-pumping 21-meter drop. For a more relaxed experience, the Moa tour offers scenic views at lower speeds, perfect for families with younger children.

Christchurch Adventure Park

Christchurch Adventure Park offers a range of thrilling zipline adventures surrounded by scenic landscapes.

Features & Description (Christchurch Adventure Park)

The ziplines at Christchurch Adventure Park are the tallest and longest in New Zealand. They have heights of 150 meters and lengths of over 1 kilometer. In addition to ziplining, this park provides chairlift rides and mountain biking.

Families can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the city, Lyttelton Harbour, and the Southern Alps. Close to Christchurch, this adventure park is easy to reach and perfect for families seeking a thrilling day.

With activities suitable for all ages, everyone can participate and have a blast at Christchurch Adventure Park.

Kawarau Bridge Zipride Experience

The Kawarau Bridge Zipride Experience offers an adrenaline-pumping adventure for the whole family.

Features & Description (Kawarau Bridge Zipride Experience)

The Kawarau Bridge Zipride Experience is an exciting zipline activity that the whole family can enjoy. Located in Queenstown, this zipline offers an adrenaline-peaking experience with great views of the alpine lake and surrounding landscapes.

Participants have the option to ride alone or with someone else. This makes it a great choice for families who want to experience the excitement together. The zipride features a state-of-the-art harness system that ensures both safety and comfort throughout the ride.

With minimum age requirements starting at 8 years old, even younger adventurers can join in on the fun. Each ride lasts for approximately 30 seconds, giving everyone plenty of time to take in the excitement and create lasting memories.

Safety Tips for Zipline Adventures

Ziplining adventures are fun for the whole family. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, here are some important safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Prioritize safety: Safety should always be your top priority during zipline activities. Listen carefully to the instructions provided by trained guides before starting your adventure.
  2. Wear appropriate gear: Make sure to wear the necessary safety gear, such as helmets and harnesses, provided by the operators. These items protect you in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Follow weight restrictions: Zipline operators often have weight restrictions because of equipment limitations. It is important to adhere to these guidelines for your own safety and the smooth operation of the zipline.
  4. Secure personal belongings: Before beginning your zipline adventure, securely any loose items or accessories that could fall off during the ride. This will help prevent accidents and ensure a safe experience for everyone.
  5. Observe age requirements: Ziplining may have minimum age requirements set by the operators for safety reasons. Make sure you comply with these guidelines and supervise younger children closely throughout the activity.
  6. Stay focused and alert: While ziplining, it is essential to stay focused and remain aware of your surroundings. Avoid distractions and follow the instructions of guides to ensure a safe ride.
  7. Check weather conditions: Keep an eye on weather conditions before heading out for your zipline adventure. If the weather is bad, it’s better to change your plans and do your activity on a different day.
  8. Listen to your body: Ziplining can be physically demanding, so it’s important to know your limits. If you feel fatigued or unwell, consider taking a break or postponing your adventure until you’re feeling better.
  9. Stay hydrated: It is crucial to stay hydrated during outdoor activities like ziplining. Carry a water bottle with you and drink regularly to prevent dehydration and maintain your energy levels.
  10. Have fun responsibly: While ziplining is a thrilling experience, it’s important to have fun responsibly. Follow the rules, respect the environment, and be considerate of others around you to ensure an enjoyable adventure for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ziplining

What is the minimum age for ziplining? Is ziplining safe for kids? What should you wear for a zipline adventure?

What is the minimum age for ziplining?

The minimum age for ziplining in New Zealand can vary depending on the specific tour. For example, West Coast Tree Top Walk and Zipline in Hokitika requires a minimum age of 6 years old to participate.

In Queenstown, children who are 8 and 9 years old can ride the AJ Hackett Zipline tandem. Children who are 10 years and over can ride the zipline alone.

Before embarking on a family adventure or attempting ziplining, it is important to check the age restrictions for each tour. This will ensure that everyone in the family is able to participate.

What is a tandem zipline?

A tandem, or dual zipline is a type of zipline that allows two people to ride together on the same line. It offers a fun and exciting experience for families and friends who want to enjoy ziplining together.

Popular tourist destinations in New Zealand, such as Queenstown and Hokitika, offer tandem ziplines. These ziplines provide all the necessary safety gear and training to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

Check the height, age, and weight rules for each tour before booking your tandem zipline adventure.

Is ziplining safe for kids?

Ziplining is generally safe for kids in New Zealand. All zipline adventures provide the necessary safety gear and training to ensure a secure experience. Guides are present throughout the activity to supervise and assist participants, including children.

Parents can trust experts to keep their kids safe during thrilling adventures, giving them peace of mind. Ziplining in New Zealand is safe and fun for families, ensuring worry-free enjoyment.

What should you wear for a zipline adventure?

Wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes for safety. Avoid wearing long, loose clothing or accessories that could get caught in the zipline. It’s a good idea to wear layers so you can adjust to different weather conditions during the adventure.

Gloves help with grip and protection when ziplining. Tie back long hair to avoid tangles.


In conclusion, New Zealand offers many destinations for family-friendly zipline adventures. People come to New Zealand for its beautiful landscapes and exciting activities, making it a popular destination for adventure seekers.

From soaring through native forests on ziplines to exploring adventure parks, there are endless opportunities for families to create unforgettable memories together.

Whether you’re seeking excitement or simply want to enjoy nature at its finest, New Zealand has something for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready for an action-packed family vacation like no other!

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