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About Us

The Treetop Walkway

The Treetop Walk opened its doors on 15 December 2012. The West Coast Treetop Walkway site was once part of the farmland that surrounds it. It only took 5 months from excavation to opening to complete. 

The Walkway was made in Australia over one month and then brought over to the West Coast and put in place with cranes, using 13,500 bolts! It took only 6 weeks to put it all together. 

The structure was based on 4 previous structures designed by the same engineer and architect team. 

The other structures include Valley of the Giants, Tahune, Otway Fly and Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk, all located in Australia.

Our Staff

We have a wonderful team of friendly, knowledge staff who are happy to help you out. We currently have 5 Full time staff and 8 Part time staff as well as our awesome Site Manager Jimmy Van Niekerk.

West Coast Tree Top Walkway and Cafe The Team
West Coast Tree Top Walkway and Cafe


It is critical that pests are kept under control. Treetops has Goodnature, toxin free, humane traps on site. These traps help protect agriculture, wildlife and private property from destruction and disease caused by introduced predators. We are currently in partnership with Rachel from Hokitika Scenic Tours. Rachel provides us with a range of trees which we sell to our customers for $10. Customers can choose from Kahikatea, Manuka, Totara, NZ Flax (Harakeke) or Wineberry plants. The trees are then planted here at Treetops either by the customer themselves or by our staff. All funds go towards purchasing the Goodnature humane automated traps for placement in our Westland Forests. We often work with local schools to bring school kids out to Treetops to plant seedlings. This helps our local kids learn more about environment and contributes to protection of our Native Birds and Wildlife. We aim to make sure our endangered wildlife flourish by eradicating pests.

Lake Mahināpua

Lake Mahināpua is one of the finest spots around Hokitika for a day out or a quiet afternoon.

The scenic reserve was gazetted in 1907 and provides a forested margin around the lake.

The lake was once a coastal lagoon, but with the build up of coastal dune systems, became a shallow inland lake.

West Coast Tree Top Walkway and Cafe Map

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