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Nature And Wildlife​

Nature And Wildlife​

Black Swans, grey and Mallard Ducks are all common on the lake, while the rare Bittern and seasonal White Herons can occasionally be seen.

Flax and Rushes dominate the vegetation on the lake edge providing sheltered sites for Swans and the Ducks to breed.

The shy Fern bird can also at times be heard and sometimes seen flitting amongst these swampy areas.

The surrounding bush is a mix of podocarps and hardwood species such as

  • Miro,
  • Matai,
  • Totara,
  • Rimu,
  • and Kahikatea closer to the lake

Sub-canopy species such as Kamahi, Mahoe and Quintinia are common.

These tree species provide an important seasonal food supply for some of the birds found here:

  • Tui,
  • Bellbird,
  • Kereru.
South Island Robin perched in the treetops
West Coast Tree Top Walkway and Cafe Kea

Treetop Walkway Interpretation Panels

West Coast Rainforest

West Coast Heritage

Lake Mahināpua

West Coast Landforms

A uniquely wild and wonderful
discovery of the West Coast treetops.

A must-do Hokitika attraction and activity.