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Remember These Things On Your Zipline Adventure

West Coast Tree Tops Zipline

Ziplining is a thrilling and super-safe adventure sport. If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable zipline treetop adventure, then the West Coast Tree Tops Zipline, located within the beautiful Lake Mahinapua Scenic Reserve, is a must-try.

With a length of 425 m and a height of 45 m above the ground, you’ll be flying through the air at speeds of over 60 km/hr for a full 40 seconds at a time. Guests have said that it feels like you’re flying through the forest like one of the rare birds that call the Lake Mahinapua Scenic Reserve home.

Here are some tips to make sure your first zipline experience with us is as enjoyable as possible.


While there’s no strict dress code for ziplining, certain clothing choices can make the experience more comfortable. Firstly, wearing closed-toed shoes is a must, as open-toe shoes like flip-flops could fly off during the ride. 

When planning your outfit, consider the weather conditions. Opt for clothing that’s easy to move around in and consider adding layers if it’s chilly. Long shorts or leggings paired with a T-shirt or tank top are a good option for summer, while an added jacket or sweater is a good idea during colder months. 

Importantly, for those with longer hair, it’s best to tie it back to ensure that it won’t obstruct your view or get caught in the pulleys.

Personal Items

It’s not a good idea to carry personal items with you while ziplining ‒ such as sunglasses or wallets ‒ as anything that falls out during the trip is unlikely to be recovered. Instead of keeping your belongings in your pockets, you should hand them off to someone in your group or wear a secure belt bag. 

Importantly, don’t try to take selfies while ziplining, as the chances of you losing your phone are high. Not only is it safer to focus on the ride, but the views are so stunning that it would be a crime not to enjoy them in the moment. 


Remember that ziplining is a very inclusive sport for people of most ages and skill levels. You don’t need any athletic ability or special training to get strapped up and relish the ride. Don’t let fear hold you back from taking part in this truly exciting activity. 

Our instructors will provide you with everything you need to know for safety, after which you can just sit back and marvel at the views. Whether you’re planning to zipline with your children (or grandkids) or haven’t participated in any physical activity for some time, ziplining is a fun and thrilling experience for everyone.

To book your spot on our zipline treetop adventure at West Coast Tree Tops, contact us today!

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