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The Best Foods to Try in New Zealand’s Hokitika’s Hidden Gems

Treetops Cafe, Hokitika

The West Coast is one of the most breathtaking routes for a road trip, with a sparkling coastline between the small, quaint towns and native forests. Embark on a gastronomic journey around Hokitika, a charming town known for its culinary delights. Discover the best foods to try in New Zealand. 

Discover A Symphony of Flavours at The Hokitika Sandwich Company

Dive into the world of delicious sandwiches at The Hokitika Sandwich Company. Known for their innovative and tasty creations. A must-visit for every food lover, as their sandwiches are described as a slice of heaven in every bite. 

A Slice of Hokitika’s Heart from Fat Pipi Pizzas

Experience the joy of biting into a slice of Fat Pipi Pizza. With unique toppings and perfect crust, it’s no wonder this place is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. 

Fat Pipi is particularly well-known for its whitebait pizza, a local delicacy that has received rave reviews from visitors, with generous toppings and great value for money. The relaxed vibe and close proximity to the beach make it a perfect spot for a casual yet memorable dining experience that is a must-visit when in Hokitika.

Go On A Culinary Journey Through Time With Woodstock Hotel

Step into the Woodstock Hotel to experience a taste of tradition. Each dish tells a story of Hokitika’s rich culinary history, making each bite a journey through time.

The pork belly, Mexican fish, and bacon-wrapped chicken with cranberry and Brie wrapped in phyllo are among the signature dishes that have left a lasting impression. And let’s not forget the home-brewed beer, a testament to the Woodstock Hotel’s commitment to providing a truly local experience.

Comfort Food at Its Finest by Stumpers Bar and Cafe

Experience comfort food at Stumpers Bar and Cafe. Known for hearty breakfasts and satisfying dinners, they create a homey atmosphere. Enjoy meaty, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes, from light snacks to full meals. 

Alfresco Dining Amidst the Canopy Atop Treetop Cafe

Relax in the al fresco setting of the Treetop Cafe, located right at the heart of the West Coast Treetop Walk. Enjoy the view and choose from a wide range of options on our menu. Whether you’re gluten-free or have other dietary requirements, we have something perfect for the whole family. 

Seasonal choices and daily specials, paired with a cup of Coffee, make for an exotic culinary experience amidst the treetops, from delicious salads to decadent burgers, soups, sandwiches, wraps, and more.

Hokitika Offers a Culinary Experience Like No Other

Ready to explore Hokitika’s culinary scene? Reserve your table with a side of adventure with West Coast Treetop Walk & Cafe today and experience the best that Hokitika offers. Follow us on our Instagram today to stay updated on our latest offers and adventures and more of the best foods to try in New Zealand.

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