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5 Must-do Ziplines in the South Island of New Zealand

West Coast Tree Tops Zipline

Ziplining has grown in popularity over the last decade or so. You can find these thrilling rides all over the world, but there are few as breathtaking as the ziplines on New Zealand’s South Island. Ziplining, known as “flying fox” in this adventurous country, is a must-do activity that promises an exhilarating adventure. 

For aeons, humans have dreamt of flying. Soaring through the air with the ground rushing below you. With ziplining, this feeling is possible. It’s an experience that’s bound to captivate anyone. The South Island of New Zealand is known for its majestic mountains, impassable cliffs, and lush forests. And the best way to see them is from above. 

Our team at West Coast Tree Tops has collected the 5 must-do ziplines on the South Island where you can experience the thrill of a lifetime.

1) West Coast Tower Zipline 

Our very own West Coast Dual Zipline and Tree Top Walk and Tower Zipline tops the charts, giving adrenaline seekers an incredible two hour adventure to remember. After climbing the 107 steps of the spiral tower, you’ll be hooked up on tandem ziplines with your partner, soaring 47m above the ground at 60km/h overlooking the breathtaking Rimu rainforest. If it’s magical memories that you can reminisce about with friends that you’re after, this is the zipline adventure for you! 

2) Ziptrek Ecotours Queenstown 

Based in the beautiful city of Queenstown, which is often called the adventure capital of the world, this zipline takes you through a centuries-old forest. Spectacular views of Lake Wakatipu and the icy peaks of the Remarkables mountain range can be seen in the distance. This line also offers one of the most heart-stopping falls on the island, a 21-metre (69-foot) drop. Adrenaline seekers can choose from two lines, one slightly more exciting than the other.

3) Kawarau Bridge Zipride Experience 

This line offers speeds up to 60 km an hour over 130 metres of line. What better adventure is there than flying like an eagle over a roaring river below you? Dual lines offer the chance to race a family member to the finish line on the other side of the river. This is one of the few ziplines that allow you to “fly” in any position you like. The Superman is particularly popular. With arms out in front of you and legs stretched behind you, what else comes closer to the feeling of conquering the skies?

4) Christchurch Adventure Park 

If you’re a daredevil and find yourself in Christchurch, you won’t want to miss this 150m high zipline. As NZ’s longest zipline, just over 1km, you’ll get your adrenaline fix while enjoying the beautiful city views, and if you’re lucky, see all the way to the Southern Alps. The park has a total of 4 ziplines of various lengths, resulting in a full tour of 2.5 hours. Note that there are restrictions on this zipline adventure, so be sure you meet the criteria before booking.  

5) Cable Bay Adventure Park  

Our final choice is a bit different. Instead of being strapped onto a cable alone, you sit in a seat with three other people. Together, you soar through the air at 100 km an hour across forests and rivers. There are certain areas where the speed is slowed down to take in the view, and then you speed up again. This is one of the longest zip lines on the island and well worth the visit.

If you are looking for an exciting activity and love adventure, look no further than one of the many zip lines on the South Island of New Zealand. Fantastic scenery, heart-stopping thrills, and the adventure of a lifetime come standard. Book your West Coast Tree Tops ziplining adventure today!

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