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Adventures to Enthral You in Hokitika, New Zealand

Adventures in Hokitika, New Zealand

Hokitika is a small town with big thrills awaiting you. Hokitika is in New Zealand, found on the West Coast of the South Island. Known for its dense forests, awe-inspiring mountains, and rugged shores, Hokitika is the place to be for any adventure enthusiast looking for the trip of a lifetime. At West Coast Tree Tops, we offer some of Hokitika’s most thrilling activities. Here are just some of the adventures you can enjoy when you visit: 


Hokitika is home to some of the best hiking trails that New Zealand has to offer. Find hiking trails of varying distances and difficulties to suit any experience and fitness level, mountain bike trails, cycling paths, running routes, and more. Take in endless, awe-inspiring sights and truly wondrous natural scenery, including Dorothy Falls, Hokitika Gorge, Mananui Bush and Beach, Londonderry Rock, and much more! Whatever you’re looking for in your hike, you’ll surely find it in Hokitika.

West Coast TreeTop Walkway

The West Coast Treetop Walkway is an experience like no other. On a 450-metre path suspended more than 45 metres above the forest floor, you can walk amongst the tops of the trees and take in the scenic vistas of Lake Mahinapua, the Tasman Sea and the Southern Alps. Enjoy the local birds and animals, as well as the surrounding plant life, as you walk over platforms and swaying bridges. While you’re there, enjoy a coffee and something to eat at the al fresco Treetop Cafe. 


If being by the water is what you enjoy most, there are plenty of aquatic activities to enjoy in Hokitika. Kayaking offers the perfect balance between peaceful tranquillity as you are one with nature and a physical adventure. Rowing at your own pace or in tandem with a partner, you can take in the surrounding natural beauty as you float across Mahinapua Creek. 


The rugged coastline of Hokitika offers perfect conditions for surfing. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for a unique surfing experience or a beginner looking for lessons to get you started on this new adventure, Hokitika has you covered. Rent a surfboard from a local surf school or hit the waves with your personal board; surfing in Hokitika is a must-have experience for any enthusiast.


Many consider skydiving to be the ultimate adrenaline rush. For a thrilling experience, check out Skydive Franz & Fox for one of the highest tandem skydiving experiences the Southern Hemisphere has to offer. For those not looking to plummet quite so far, jumps from other heights are also available. 


The Hokitika River offers an abundance of aquatic life for anglers to make their best catch yet. From sea-run salmon to phenomenal crayfish to wild trout and more, Hokitika is the perfect fishing spot for novices and seasoned anglers alike. Take a private fishing charter, strike out on your own, or tag along with a professional that can show you the best fishing spots and instruct you on the best bait to use to make an incredible catch. For the fishing trip of a lifetime, visiting Hokitika is a must.

Glow-Worm Dell

The Glow-Worm Dell is one of the most unique experiences Hokitika has to offer. A short walk from the roadside will land you in a leafy canyon that plays host to an incredible glow-worm display. Visit Glow-Worm Dell at night to see this spectacular phenomenon in all its glory as you are surrounded by thousands and thousands of nature’s own twinkling lights. 

West Coast Dual Zipline

For thrill-seekers, the West Coast Dual Zipline has it all ‒ beginning with an exhilarating walk across the forest track, followed by a stunning treetop walk, and a climb up the 45m tower, you are ready to take off. The zipline spans an incredible 425 metres, reaching speeds of more than 60 km/hr as you fly through the trees. The zipline is not to be missed.

Hokitika, New Zealand, is the place to be for any thrill seeker looking for the adventure of a lifetime. At West Coast Tree Tops, we offer the ultimate experience of Hokitika and the natural beauty it has to offer. Enjoy the scenic vistas as you walk amongst the treetops or fly at incredible speeds through the forest on our 425m zipline, and make memories that you won’t soon forget. Take a sneak peek of what is in store with our virtual tour, book your treetop walk or ziplining experience with us today! 

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